And in Nariokotome…

And in Nariokotome…

Another mother and child centre, also St Joseph’s, but this time catering for nomadic people in north Kenya. The centre caters for 240 children from 80 families and seeks to provide a proper learning environment, potable water, and a balanced diet. It also seeks to empower the women, to promote agriculture and to improve hygiene and sanitation. A long list, although many of the aims overlap.

Much emphasis is placed on growing food, enabling the community to feed itself rather than relying on food aid, and the children are taught basic agriculture from an early age.

As with their counterparts in Ethiopia, the children were unable to attend classes once Covid 19 restrictions were imposed but the teachers were able to visit the villages and teach small groups while observing government guidelines. Food also continued to be distributed to the children. PPE was provided for children and teachers, meaning that there was less money available for other medical needs. A case of teachers and staff rising to the challenge and continuing to care for the community.

As can be seen, the aims of these centres become even more important in a pandemic situation, even as they become more challenging to meet but the team on the ground are equal to the challenge – and your support enables them to be there.

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