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In keeping with our belief in the Power of Small we are delighted to present a new range of alternative gifts that have the potential to transform lives for very little outlay.
We all have that person in our lives who is impossible to buy gifts for, right?
The dad who already has everything – he’s got you, after all! Or the mum who says all she wants is for you to be happy. The sister who doesn’t need her own stuff when she can borrow yours! And what about the brother who already has enough socks? Then there’s the great aunt who doesn’t agree with all that consumerism, the teacher who already gets 23 bars of chocolate, and the neighbour who you’re not entirely sure what they might like.
That’s where alternative gifts come in: instead, you buy them the gift of giving. From as little as £5, you can now purchase gifts for all those hard-to-buy-for friends and family that will not only bring a joyful smile to their faces, but can also make a huge difference to the lives of those less fortunate.
New Ways’ Gifts to Transform Lives support our goal of helping communities to thrive by:
  1. preventing malaria in children and women during pregnancy
  2. dressing nursery school pupils for a brighter future
  3. providing clean accessible water via boreholes
  4. teaching children from different sides to grow up without conflict
  5. extending daylight hours to improve study and family life
  6. providing a practical source of both income and nutrition
Please scroll through and click the link to make your purchase. There are six gifts to choose from – priced at just £5, £10 or £20 – and you can either opt for an e-gift certificate to email to your recipient or a physical certificate that you can personalise and deliver in person (for the latter, please ensure to include your full address).

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Give the gift of a treated malaria prevention net – £5

There is an urgent need for mosquito nets, given that malaria remains the second largest cause of deaths in Kenya. Malaria is spread by a single mosquito bite. Throughout Africa, it kills more than 1,400 children every day who, along with pregnant women, are most vulnerable to the disease.

Tropical rains, when they come, often lead to flooding of lakes and rivers, and leave behind stagnant water, making these areas more susceptible to mosquitos, impacting the children attending our schools.

Your gift of this life-saving, insecticide-treated bed net, will help children and pregnant women in Turkana, Kenya to sleep safely at night.

Give the gift of a new nursery school uniform – £5

At our Nursery Schools in Turkana, Kenya we start the day by giving every child a nutritious breakfast before they get to shower and put on their school uniform. This teaches them good hygiene and prepares them physically and mentally for the classroom.

Every year, these growing children need a new uniform and, as they proceed through their school lives, a different colour signifies their progress.

Your gift provides a visible reminder of the education few of their parents could have even dreamed of!

Give the gift of water – £5 provides access for 10 people for a whole year

Water is critical for survival, and even more so during periods of severe drought, that many of the communities we support must frequently endure. Typically, it’s the young girls in a family who are then sent out daily, in search of water, encountering danger along disputed river beds, and from excavating holes in the precarious dry river beds rocks, before carrying their heavy burden for many miles. In doing so they are denied the education that over time would help to lift them and their families from such poverty. And yet, below ground there is often an abundance of water. The solution is to drill more boreholes, and bring the water to the communities for drinking, cooking and bathing, to watering holes to keep their animals healthy, and to irrigate their crops.

Your gift helps them achieve a more sustainable way of life, and to get all the girls back in school!

Gift a child the gift of residential schooling in Todonyang – £10 provides 2 weeks of accommodation, food and education

At the Integrated Centre in Todonyang, Turkana we help to provide nutrition, education and development to 184 Primary School children on a full-board basis, with contributions from parents funding about 30% of the budget.

The school is part of a larger establishment whose aim is to promote peace through creating contacts and facilitating the interaction of the Turkana and Dassanech people, to end their mutual mistrust and eliminate hostilities by bringing these two communities together.

Your gift helps to integrate, educate and develop the youth so they go on to live and work together for the benefit of all their people!

Give the gift of a solar lamp to a student in Malawi – £20

In Malawi, only 11% of people have access to electricity, probably the greatest development problem that exists. Unlike other developing nations where electrification is taking place, Africa remains the continent of the blackout. This limits all activities during the evening and night-time – children can’t study and adults can’t easily and safely move around. Access to solar lamps can significantly contribute to change this situation and substantially improve the lives of all members of a family. Specifically offered to school children during their last 2 years of primary school and those in secondary school, these lights also allow them to study during the darkest evenings.

Your gift lights up a room of 10 sq m, and could even help to charge a mobile phone. The kids love them!

Give the gift of 15 mango tree saplings to the people of Malawi – £20

Saplings of Tommy Atkins variety mango trees are planted and nurtured to begin yielding 15-20 fruits after just 5 years.

At full maturity (10 years), 200 mangos can be harvested from each tree between January and March – later than the indigenous variety – thereby extending the season and creating demand from eager buyers, whilst supporting the self-sufficiency and independence of families.

The fruit also provides a low-cost healthy source of nutrition for the children.

Your gift helps to give them one of their “five a day”.

New Ways 2023 Calendar

A year of beautiful monochrome images depicting the great work supported by New Ways’ generous donors.

Each stunning image on this limited-edition, wire-bound A4 wall calendar, priced at £10, represents an aspect of our work helping communities to thrive. All profits will support the New Ways’ Turkana nurseries project and every calendar sold will feed a child for a month.

Buy it online here:

Free shipping to the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, courtesy of Eden Park Publishing Limited

Angela Docherty, New Ways CEO: “As we come to the end of celebrating our 25th year of funding projects, our social media volunteer, Steve Hayward has again produced a fabulous calendar to help raise much-needed funds. His company, Eden Park Publishing has kindly offered once more to sponsor the sale and distribution of the calendars for New Ways via its website. All profits go towards funding New Ways’ Turkana nurseries, with every calendar sold feeding a child for a month. We are truly grateful for their support! We very much hope that you will also support this great initiative to improve the lives of the children of Turkana. Many thanks”

We’re delighted that Life Changing Clothing has chosen New Ways as one of its partner charities.

Life Changing Clothing is a family run business set up with one crucial goal: “To actually change lives.” It is also aligned with the values of the charity, so why not join them on their mission to #changelives and help support New Ways in the process!

Life Changing Clothing: “We sell high quality products to help fund and support our charity partners across the world and raise awareness to their causes.”

At this time of year, there are many ways you can support us without even changing your buying habits. Here are just a few you might like to check out:

“ is the travel and lifestyle platform with a social purpose. We help raise unrestricted funds for thousands of charitable causes from local projects to global endeavours at no additional cost.”

“Easyfundraising partners with over 7,000 brands who will donate part of what you spend to a cause of your choice. It won’t cost you any extra. The cost is covered by the brand.”

Please note when using these sites, be sure to select New Ways as your chosen charity before proceeding with your order. New Ways will benefit at no additional cost to you!


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