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A tale of two sisters

This is the encouraging, important, and heartwarming story of Caroline and Scolastica Epokor, twin sisters from a family of Turkana pastoralists who have both progressed

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Here come the rains

Readers will know that Turkana is a very arid area with high temperatures – indeed in March temperatures reached an uncomfortable 40° Celsius. The rains

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The people on the ground

People change lives.  The people who make things happen on the ground in Turkana and elsewhere where we run projects, and the people who raise money and awareness in the UK may lead very different lives, but they share some common values in wanting to make a difference.  As are the people who are active in the different countries.  Please look at our volunteer section and you will get some idea of who has volunteered and also some of the people in Kenya and elsewhere who are also very committed to working in an environment that is very difficult, but where they are changing lives.


Who are the people who are active in the different continents?

John Kamoya

Project Co-ordinator John Kamoya is 25 years old helps run the earth pan dam project. His involvement with New Ways goes back many years since

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Joseph Ekutan

Project Co-ordinator Joseph is 41 years old and he has been working with the Missionary Community for 10 years but has been living in Turkana

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