Water, the perennial need

Water, the perennial need

Water has always been central to our work in Turkana. Improving access, better utilisation, and cleaner supplies all make a significant difference to the lives and health of the communities living in the area. We have recently received a report from Todonyang which describes the drilling of a well and the associated hurdles and decisions.

The well itself was specifically geared to the well-being of the village of Nakinu and was focussed on providing access to a supply of water fit for human consumption. The process included geological surveys, obtaining a drilling license and day to day issues such as truck breakdowns because of the sand. Sand also played a part in necessitating deep foundations for the water tower – as this would hold a considerable weight of water, the foundations needed to be 10 metres deep.

The original plan was to use a hand pump with the well, but this was changed to a solar pump during the construction process, giving more ease of access.

Training followed construction. Training for the whole community and specifically for the newly formed Water Education Committee. Training on maintenance and preservation of the well, on hygiene and on health. The final result provides a clean source of water, with separate provision for the animals with the installation of a water trough, and a reduction in disease – a healthier and more self-sufficient community. Do watch these short video’s to see it all in action Access to Clean Water via Bore Holes – YouTube and Solar Pump – YouTube .

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