Volunteers rush to help as fire devastates Todonyang

Volunteers rush to help as fire devastates Todonyang

There may be little more terrifying than fire sweeping through a village and that is exactly what happened in Todonyang in the spring. With the death of a child and 700 displaced and without security or shelter, our Turkana partners sprang into action, managing to get some funds from friends within Kenya and abroad. With these funds, they were able to cover the needs of the victims by providing them with food (including maize, beans, and salt) and non-food items such as mosquito nets, solar lamps, sleeping mats, jerry cans, and fishing nets.

They also paid school fees and for other necessities for children whose families were affected by the fire. The lady whose child was sadly killed during the fire incident was offered employment as the cook in the newly established St. John Paul II Church in the village of Todonyang.

Other NGOs were also in the process of offering more support to the victims, enabling the households to get back on their feet and start afresh. Our partners completed an analysis of the situation and concluded that the community was on the road to recovery and the people are now in a relatively better condition.

We focus on water and nutrition, but other emergencies arise and it’s good to know that the infrastructure we support is able to respond when needed.

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