Turkana nurseries

Turkana nurseries

New Ways has been supporting nursery education for many years, with over 3,000 children involved on a regular basis. This early start for the children is so important for their health and well-being, and for their future.

Importantly, children are fed 2 meals a day, are taught English, learn values, hygiene and much more, with much of the teaching being through song. The nursery schools are crucial for the early introduction of better nutrition and of both language and life skills which provide a basis for later learning in schools such as St Joseph’s (of which, more below) – and the support is much appreciated as the video shows. https://youtu.be/68sPRrWIZLo

Right now, the need for support for the nurseries is greater than ever as it’s critical the children get sufficient food to fully develop physically and mentally. The climate emergency has resulted in drought with virtually no rains this year, and the situation hasn’t been this bad for 10 years. This, coupled with the war in Ukraine, has pushed the prices of staples up exponentially – grain prices have doubled. We are supporting 18 nurseries in 4 areas – Lobur, Todonyang, Nariokotome and Kokuselie. The need is great in all these areas. 

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