Drought and north Turkana – an urgent response is needed

Drought and north Turkana – an urgent response is needed

The impact of climate change is felt particularly strongly in areas where water can be scarce. This includes Turkana, with the current drought exacerbating the underlying problems of struggling, and competing, for scarce resources, especially pasture and water. The lack of proper security has led to situation where civilians have acquired weapons to protect themselves, and the presence of weapons in itself, leads to escalation of the conflict between different tribes as they compete for scarce resources to feed their families and their livestock.

The people who suffer most from the current drought are the sick, the elderly, the children, and breast-feeding mothers. A humanitarian effort to support these groups is underway with the aim of enabling them to overcome the challenges posed by the current drought until (hopefully) the rains come next year. The project will distribute basic food items, repair and purchase spare parts for water pumps, and distribute water in the most distressed areas. Repairing boats and fishing nets will also feature as will work on conflict resolution and peace building.

This humanitarian intervention will focus on five key areas – those around Nariokotome, Kokuselei, Todonyang, Lobur and Kibish which together account for a large part of Turkana North and some of the border lands of Ethiopia. Altogether, there are nearly 28,000 people who will be direct beneficiaries.

New Ways is looking to raise a minimum of £26,000 for this project albeit the full budget is over £500,000. All support will be welcome as a very small amount can make a big difference. Why not make it an early act of Christmas caring? And there’s a simple way to give for any donation you can spare please do help those in desperate need by scanning the QR code or clicking here.

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