Rehabilitation Of Lobur Village Solar Panels

Rehabilitation Of Lobur Village Solar Panels

Solar panels

In February 2023, the village of Lobur experienced a very strong wind which caused extensive damage, not least to the solar panels at the village water point which were all destroyed or blown away. The solar panels are crucial to the operation of the village water pump – meaning that access to water for the people and for their livestock was limited and difficult. Replacing the panels was important and funds were needed for this.

Once the funding was in place, the Pump Maintenance team went to the site and reinforced the structure, purchased replacement solar panels and transported them the 210 kms from Lodwar to Lobur. The team then fixed all the panels to the site and tested to see if all was okay. Happily, in the test the pump produced a yield of 5,000 litres of water per hour.

After 4 months without pumped water this was a great relief for the community who were glad to have water once more, both for human consumption and for their hundreds of animals.  Another example of the significant difference the work you support can make to communities in Turkana and elsewhere.

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