Kenya: Greening the desert with solar technology

Kenya: Greening the desert with solar technology

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Installing a Solar pump is the most sustainable and technologically advanced way to make this new bore hole succeed and ensure a supply of clean drinking water.

The drilling of the pump is just over 50% of cost and the rest is solar pump and tanks. Once this borehole is set up we will be able to use it to supply various needs of the community, which includes drinking water for village (usually 2500 people) as well as the nursery school and any agricultural development. This is important because the semi-nomadic communities would otherwise need to set up their homes close to open water sources which can become contaminated. They also allow for women and girls to spend less time finding and collecting water freeing up their time for other activities including cultivation. This will encourage more girls to be given the opportunity to receive an education and take a more active role in the community in future.

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