World Water Day

World Water Day

22 March is World Water Day 2023 and we have launched a new JustGiving campaign to install more bore holes in Turkana and Malawi.

This coming Saturday, Monday and Wednesday (World Water Day itself) we will be posting on our social media feeds, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, details of the campaign along with images and videos showing the impact we can achieve and the benefits to the communities we support. Water is critical for survival and the drought is having a terrible impact in Africa at the moment – Turkana has not had proper rains for 2 years.

If you are active on social media, please look out for these posts and like, share, comment and contribute wherever you can to help us improve the reach of these messages, and the success of the campaign itself. Don’t worry, if social media isn’t your thing. Instead you might like to visit the campaign page itself: to read more about the importance of this campaign and see in action the drilling process or if it’s easier, we’ve added a QR code that you can scan to take you straight there.

Of course, we are also hoping you will consider making a small contribution to the campaign, for which we would be extremely grateful. Every £1 donated provides water for someone in need for 100 days in Kenya and over 1000 days in Malawi. Please help us to support more water projects on World Water Day.

Many thanks for your continued support – it is so important to us!

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