St Joseph Primary School, Nariokotome

St Joseph Primary School, Nariokotome

Lunchtime at St Joseph

Improving education and nutrition

The project aimed at improving the Education and the nutrition of the children from nomadic families around the area of Nariokotome Mission in north-eastern Turkana. The improvement of education among the nomadic children and their families was done through the teaching of English, mathematics, reading and writing and other subjects as prescribed by the Kenyan Ministry of Education. Another important part of the project was the provision of two meals i.e. breakfast and lunch to an estimated 210 children who attended the school. Food remains an important part of the project since without it many children would not attend school. The arid nature of Turkana makes it difficult to practice agriculture hence the food scarcity in the area.  Great emphasis was placed on the promotion of agriculture as a means of attaining food security. This was done through the planting of vegetables, fruits and poultry keeping.

  • Benefits: The direct beneficiaries were the 210 children who attended the school.
  • The 63 families that sent their children to the school
  • The 7 teachers and 3 subordinate staff that benefitted from the school i.e. salaries and agricultural products from the school.
  • The parents contributed 5,000 KES for the whole year. This contribution was meant to lessen the cost of running the school and encourage the participation of the parents in the education of their children. Families that could not afford the stipulated amount contributed through their labour, charcoal or a goat.

Main objectives

The main objective of the project was to ensure that the children were well fed and obtained a well-rounded education which will improve their prospects later in life.

In addition to the academic education and the nutrition, the school has also benefitted the local community through providing easier access to water and sanitation which has improved the personal hygiene among the children and their families.

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