Saint Peter Health Centre, South Sudan

Saint Peter Health Centre, South Sudan

Health care in South Sudan

In 2023, UNDP classified South Sudan as the last country worldwide in the development index. This is backed up when one looks at health cover: while the World Health Organization recommends one medical doctor for 400 patients, in the UK it is about 1:280 patients, in Kenya 1:3,600. At the same time, in South Sudan there is one medical doctor for 65,000 patients.

Within Tambura County there is no other health facility in a minimal condition. During 2023 we have attended patients mainly from the Source Yubu Payam, that is, from the following villages: Mozungu, Bambu, Sabamile, Mabenge, Ngbatanzere, Kpotonayo, Nabanga, Navuru, Nawoo, Lafa, Ziaziabiata, Haimatara, Ngboko, Bariabanda, Bariguna and Rii Yubu. We have also attended people coming from Dingimo, Akpa, Mabaiko, Sinaporo and Bazande.

The Health Centre Saint Peter has one clinical officer from Congo, one nurse from Uganda and one from Kenya, as well as two patient attendants, one lab technician and one counsellor, who receives the patients.

During 2023, the centre carried out an eye campaign which resulted in 148 patients having operations.

We saw 5,778 patients aged over 5 and 3,080 under 5 as well as 107 sick and elderly patients who are visited in their homes each month.

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