Mother and Child Center in Muketuri

Mother and Child Center in Muketuri

Preschool for 390 children

The main activities carried out in 2022:

  • Education and feeding of 390 children from 4 to 6 years old. Organized into 6 classes. 198 girls and 192 boys.
  • Food and care for 10 children with different abilities.
  • Quarterly growth and health monitoring of all children.
  • Workshops for teachers and assistants on teamwork, learning methods for preschool children, preparation of teaching materials, child psychology, preparation of classes by objectives.
  • Weekly meeting of teachers and caregivers to monitor objectives.
  • Creation of a parent committee of 9 people.
  • Food was prepared from Monday to Friday for 390 students.

Improving nutrition

It has been possible to improve the nutrition of 390 preschool children and 10 children with different abilities have received breakfast and lunch daily at the St. Joseph Mother and Child Center in Muketuri. They receive a cup of milk daily and vegetables. 95% of the children have increased in weight and height and their nutritional assessment has increased since their arrival at the Center. School supplies and equipment such as tables and chairs were purchased to replace the previous equipment, a photocopier and a generator were bought. 


The prices of food and materials have increased by 300% creating even greater need for financial support.

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