Empowering women through agriculture

Empowering women through agriculture

Empowering women through agriculture

Turkana, Kenya

This project aims at educating and training women on agricultural skills and increasing nutritional knowledge in the wider society. 

The primary beneficiaries of this project will be the parents of the children who attend the mother and child centres in the Nariokotome Area. At present there are about 255 children in different mother and child centres in Nariokotome Area. In addition to these parents, there are 30 women who are working in Nariokotome Mission in the field of Agriculture and 300 women around the Nariokotome area who will also benefit from this programme.

An extended benefit is that the children’s diet will improve and the economic level of their parents will also improve.

The parents of the children in Nariokotome mother and child centres will be given workshops and educational training including:

  1. Linking the Mother and Children Centres with the Agriculture activities in Nariokotome mission. As the training will focus on the nutrition, emphasis will be given in food production and security. 
  2. Providing agricultural courses which can use the advancements made in the food production in Nariokotome mission to benefit a wider group.
  3. Developing and improving on agriculture as an alternative to relief food.
  4. Contributing to formal and informal education in the area in order to promote awareness of creativity in sustenance and self-reliance.
  5. Empowering women and mothers, who are the ones with the burden of economic responsibility and domestic chores, through advancing their basic education and training. 

Project Activities

  • Workshops on general agricultural practice and farm management.
  • Giving talks on improvement of nutrition and balanced diet.
  • Teaching courses on how to cook and how to preserve food.
  • Improving water infrastructures in the gardens
  • Cleaning up the fields of the gardens
  • Purchase of seeds and seedlings 
  • Purchase of pesticides
Empowering women through agriculture

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