Education sponsorship in Kenya and Malawi

Education sponsorship in Kenya and Malawi

Our ongoing programme of educational sponsorship includes primary, secondary and university education in Kenya and Malawi. The programme aims to use education to promote development.

The students who benefit from this programme are empowered with quality education and they are challenged to be real agents of change for their own people – using education to address the current challenges of drought, hunger and poverty that affect their communities.

As stipulated by government, both Kenya and Malawi uphold education as a fundamental human right, and recognise it as pivotal for both self-fulfilment and national development. Consistent efforts have been made to address issues of access, equity, quality and relevance of education but this has not yet trickled down to the poor and rural communities. Even with the provision of free primary education in both countries we still have gaps when it comes to marginalised areas.

Example: in 2022, there were 15 student beneficiaries in Lobur Secondary schools. Of these, 8 got above the C+ grade which is the required level in order to join university education in Kenya. The other 7 all achieved a C- grade – which allows them to take part in a technical course designed at helping them find work after finishing education.

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