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We have a number of long-term ongoing programmes such as our nutritional nursery schools and our education projects.

The following summaries select a few of our ongoing programmes to provide more insight into each of these programmes.

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Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres

We are engaged in supporting nutritional rehabilitation centres in three countries – Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan. An example below is our programme in Ethiopia.

Muketari is in the northwest of Ethiopia. an area in which the problems of poverty and malnourishment amongst children hinders their physical and mental development and makes them vulnerable to illness. Addressing these issues and the low participation in education is a high priority for both the government and the local population. New Ways has supported the establishment of a ‘Mother and Child’ centre that provides pre-primary education, nutrition and medical care to two hundred children, and also nutritional information for women, a literacy programme and an experimental garden, which teaches techniques for small scale cultivation.


Many of the communities living in Turkana are semi-nomadic pastoralists who live almost exclusively through their livestock. New Ways supports many projects to provide water infrastructure to help maintain the traditional ways of life but still the amount and quality of grazing pasture is reducing over time. These projects try to introduce the basic concepts of agriculture and small scale farming to help communities survive in the long term.


Access to clean drinking water is life-critical. The projects we support include the drilling of bore holes, the building of rock dams and the creation of earth-pan dams. Drought is common and rainfall, when it does arrive, is precious – we build infrastructure to capture water where it naturally pools (rock dams) and where it can be of most use to our agriculture projects (earth pan dams), and our nutritional centres (bore holes). Since the charity was founded in 1994, New Ways has supported and funded over a hundred water sources. Visit our gallery to see a selection of the water infrastructure at work supporting the lives of hundreds in Africa.


Our education programme seeks to support children all the way from nursery to university. The aim of the programme is to empower the local people by supporting as many as possible through primary and secondary school initially, and then to offer assistance to those who wish to study at tertiary level. By providing the basics of reading, writing and numeracy, we are able to offer children and young people the skills they need to better support their communities and families with better access to job opportunities. Since we began, many of our young students have grown up and remained in or returned to the local communities as teachers themselves to pass on their learning to a new generation. 


Although Lake Turkana has an abudant supply of fish, the development of fishing as a source of food and income has been poorly developed in the past. This is one of several projects that New Ways has supported to help introduce new fishing practices, new boats, and to help develop fishing as a business as well as a source of food.


For the people of Turkana access to medical services is very limited. New Ways supports the funding of the Nariokotome Primary Health Care unit, consisting of four permanent dispensaries and a mobile clinic that operates at 24 sites over 11,000 square miles, distributing medical supplies, vaccinations and health education.


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