Assisting families to have basic lighting

Assisting families to have basic lighting

Infrastructure project

Nkhotakota District, Malawi


To improve rural community’s lives by facilitating access to a basic and reliable source of light during the night.  


64 families (312 people) now have access to basic lighting

Having access to a permanent source basic lighting adds great value to the beneficiary families. The impact in the family life is almost immediate. 

  • They can work during late hours and make the extra penny that will help them to access the ladder of development. Some families they use it to have it a market stall that is opened during the night. Some others to wave baskets, or to attract fish to the nets at night. Some families have even used them at night to chase away wildlife from their maize fields.
  • They can have extended time to study at night and therefore improve their performance at school. Having the opportunity to do tertiary studies will greatly increases a person opportunities and his/her ability todo well in life. 
  • Ability to move at night in case of emergency. Sometimes accidents occur when there is lack of light. It might be while cooking in the open fire, or because someone has not seen the scorpion or poisonous snake nearby. Having a light can prevent such accidents or help reaching a health facility at night.  It can also be used to be seen when they must walk along a dark highway. 
  • The lamps distributed can be used to charge a mobile phone. Moble phones have become a very important tool in the rural villages. They can used to communicate, to carry out mobile banking and to access a number of government services.  

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